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Private Use Mailboxes

Private Use options include the pedestal mailbox or Florence mailboxes with trash/recycling receptacle. You'll enjoy secure and durable centralized mail delivery or trash disposal when USPS approval is not necessary. Trash and recycling centers allow for the secure removal of private information and compliment Florence mailboxes or can be used as stand-alone bins. Units are constructed from heavy gauge aluminum and steel for long-lasting use.

4C-PM Collection
4C Pedestal Mailbox Collection
Recycling / Trash
Recycling & Trash

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4C pedestal mailboxes are ideal for interoffice messages and other private mail distribution applications, while providing a high level of security. 4C-PM Florence mailboxes feature locks, private access doors, and are available in a variety of colors and finishes.

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Include trash and recycling receptacles in your centralized Mail delivery system for secure disposal of private information. Perfect for financial institutions, medical offices, accounting firms, and offices that require frequent disposal of confidential documents.